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Measure mobile performance
the meaningful way

Affise Attribution aligns mobile app attribution with your business’ bottom line. Measure with ease and visibility, while respecting privacy and maximizing revenue.

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Affise Attribution is in testing and is open only for our current customers.

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Attract new players and keep them coming back, while you level up

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mCommerce & Finance

Be accessible by a fingertip and we’ll show you what’s relevant

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On-demand & Mobility

Define acquisition goals that make sense, and we’ll tell you where your users are at

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Sign them up, rack up the renewals, and see how you can lengthen their lifetime value

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Affise Attribution clarifies your customer journey

Understand the customer lifecycle from beginning to end, while encouraging loyalty. Find the right users to install your app, re-engage, and retain them in a privacy-preserving way. The Affise Attribution dashboard shows you everything you need to make the decisions that maximize returns.

Understand more about customers
than ever before

Get a detailed breakdown of customers, campaigns, and partners on a single dashboard. We’ll make the rest of the experience of running your advertising campaigns as easy as possible.

Measure meaningfully

See it all in a user-friendly reporting dashboard, including retention, retargeting, and in-app interfaces

Improve conversions

Attribute the way you want. Implement deep links, track events, all while having the security of fraud protection

Launch quickly and safely

Experience the ease of launching your first ad campaigns and attract new users with an all-in-one service

Start with a freemium plan

The first 10K conversions / MAU are on us. Additional conversions will be charged 0.02c or migrate to Rocket Plane

Attribute Facebook Ads

Track Facebook ad campaign metadata through the Install Referrer

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